Shark Week!

10:20 PM

My boys have really been into sharks lately so what's a Mom to do but host Shark Art Class?!

I've mentioned before about how much I really love using chalk pastels with my boys.  This time we used Hodgepodge's Shark tutorials to paint these lovelies.

Hammerhead Shark: The big picture is from the tutorial.  The smaller pics are top to bottom: Mom's, 6 yr old's, 4 yr olds'.

The Great White Shark: Top left is the tutorials.  Left medium is Mom's 1st attempt at drawing it but it was decided that my Great White was too cute looking.  He resembled a dolphin more than the fierce Great White!... So I upped my game and drew the bottom left next.  Top to Bottom Right: 6 yr old's, 4 yr old's.
If you'd like to purchase the same tutorials (which I totally recommend!), I bought the following 2 ebooks: Sharks: Chalk Pastels for All Ages and Sharks 2: Chalk Pastels for All Ages.  I am really looking forward to creating more artwork using these tutorials as we move forward with our shark explorations!

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