You are an artist!

3:44 PM

Teaching our 6 year old & the now 4 year old boys that they are artists!  Creative Therapy using soft chalk pastels.

(Super easy tutorials are from here: Hodgepodge) - I have absolutely LOVED using soft chalk pastels with my boys.  It's messy.  No lying about that but so worth it.  Below are some of the paintings we've created together this school year.  I recommend visiting Hodgepodge for tips on how to get started in soft chalk pastels and for more tutorials.

Note: I use this 3 Drawer Wood Pastel Storage Box to keep our soft chalk pastels easily accessible and tidy.  LOVE it.
L to R: 3yr old, Mom, 6yr old

Signing Christmas Angel: Tutorial picture is on the left; 6yr old's is on the right

Christmas Ornaments: Tutorial picture is on the left; 3yr old's on the right

Nativity Scene: Top to Bottom is the Tutorial picture, 6yr old's, Mom's (mine) and the 3yr old's.  The 3yr old did ask me to help draw Baby Jesus's manger for him.  He was struggling & getting mighty frustrated with this picture so I helped him out.
Christmas Tree on a Snowy Hill: L to R; Mom's, 6yr old's, 3yr old's.  The 3yr old decide to paint a storm that was going to blow over our trees.  He's got the emotion & storytelling part down of being an artist.  ;)  
BB-8!!!!  This was a super popular art day in my house.  I suspect we'll be doing it again... and again... ;)
This one is Mom's.
The next 3 are by the 6yr old.  He's sort of a perfectionist and did not like the way his paintings turned out.  He kept asking if he could draw another one!  BB-8 #1

BB-8 #2

BB-8 #3; the 6yr old was satisfied with this one.
The 3yr old's BB-8. He said his BB-8 was rolling up a hill fast. 

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