A Mickey a day ...

2:51 PM

... Keeps the grumpy away!  Ok, not really, but I'll try anything!  The boys asked for pancakes today for breakfast but I had already made something else.  I had to deal with a couple of sad faces but we went ahead with our day.  At lunchtime they asked for pancakes again so I whipped out the Mickey Mouse waffle maker and served these babies up.  Instant happy with them.

I really do love this little waffle maker.  (As I've noted before it may be called a waffle maker but I find that the texture is more of a pancake than waffle.)  I wasn't sure if we'd use it a lot but so far I use it at least once a week.  As long as I keep using it that much, I'll keep it around.  It helps us look forward to our next Disney-related vacation - whenever that may be!

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