You're Awesomesuace, Valentine!

1:15 PM

I ventured outside the norm this year for Valentine's Day treats for my oldest son's pre-k class.  I'd like to present to you Awesomesauce Valentines!

I didn't send your child home with MORE candy!
You're welcomed, parents.
I am made of awesome.
They look cute as a button but seriously only took 15mins out of my life to create.  If you know of some awesome kids and want to create the same Valentine's for them, follow these instructions:

1. Go to Target, Walmart, wherever you shop and buy apple fruit pouches.
2. Grab your cardstock and print out this free awesomesauce printable.  (Isn't she awesome for creating this fun printable?)
3. Now find your scissors, large circle hole puncher or tear very carefully if you're a master paper ripper and cut out each circle.
My circles were not perfect.
4. Use a hole puncher to punch a small hole into each circle.
5. Have child sign their name & use ribbon to tie the circle onto the fruit pouches.

THAT'S IT!  So awesome!

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