Mickey Waffle Maker

7:53 PM

How can you have a bad day when breakfast starts with this face?

That, my friends, was made with this very simple to use Disney Classic Mickey Waffle Maker.  (It's stainless steel and sells for around $20.)  The  description states that it's a waffle maker but I find that it makes more of a pancake texture.  I'm ok with that.

My young boys LOVE getting Mickey pancakes/waffles for breakfast.  They usually eat the ears first.  Then they tear off the rest of the face piece by piece.  I serve it with a dipper of Maple Syrup.  (Specifically, I use Grade B - Anderson's Pure Maple Syrup.  If you haven't tried this yet, YOU SHOULD!! It is phenomenal.)

BONUS: The Disney Classic Mickey Waffle Maker doesn't just make waffles.  Oh no!  It can be used to add your #DisneySide to other things, too.  This is what it looks like when you use eggs in place of pancake/waffle batter:

Not too shabby if I say so myself.  Next I'm going to try it on some cheese quesadillas.....  I'll let you know how those turn out!

What are some ways that you show your #DisneySide?

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