Easy Valentine's Day Decorations

10:48 AM

Call me crazy but I enjoy decorating for each holiday.  Fear not non-crafters or holiday grinches.  The decorations don't have to be extravagant to be festive.

Here is a simple task I chose to make for our Valentine's Day decor...

1. Paper Heart Garland - I used a large Heart Hole Puncher
 to punch out a gadzillon hearts from scrapbook paper.  (I used scrapbook paper I already had on supply with lots of red, pink, white, lovey dovey stuff on it.)  To string them together, I used my sewing machine!  It took me no time at all to create the garland but really adds something fun to our home for the month of February.  My little guys like it when I decorate for things.

Close up of the simple stitch I did with the sewing machine.

Here are a couple more pictures of how cute the paper heart garland looks hanging on our living room windows:

These windows face the street and you can see the hearts hanging from the outside when you drive/walk by.  I like to think they're brightening somebody's day a little when they see them.

*Just an FYI - this paper garland has held up pretty well for the past 2 years.  After Valentine's Day is over, I take them down and store them in a big ziplock baggie.  I keep all of our holiday decorations in storage totes so for the rest of the year, they aren't being messed with.  I figure I can get another couple years' worth out of them at least!  You can do this craft with ANY holiday.  Use green, white, yellow or rainbow colors for St. Patrick's Day.  Use red, green & white for Christmas.  Pink, purple, yellow, etc for Easter.  Get creative!

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