Eat Your Peas, Faithfully Book Review

7:20 PM

Eat Your Peas, FaithfullySimple Truths and Happy Insights

By Cheryl Karpen 

Book Description

Mama always said, “Eat your peas. They’re good for you!" These peas are sure to be your favorites! If you’re looking for a meaningful way to encourage and inspire that special someone in your life, look no more! Eat Your Peas® Faithfully is a 3-minute read with a forever message. Small doses of Godly wisdom and simple truths are graced with delightful hand illustrations to transform anyone’s glimmer of faith into bright shining beacons of hope. It’s a wonderful keepsake and reminder that they are loved—by God and you!

My Review

This is a little book that's easy to read - as a busy mom of 2 youngin's, I like that!  It's filled with little snippets of encouragement and scriptures.  I can easily see this being one of those gift books that you give to a friend, mom or just anyone who you feel could use some words of encouragement.  And in all honesty, who doesn't??
Thank you to booksneeze for the opportunity to review this delightful book!  The view of this book is all my own.
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